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New Costumes
Be Mine Nexie2019-12-06 10:35:48
Some holiday costumes have been added to the costume shops!

New Event
Snowy Sylvyr2019-06-11 02:18:43
Help! Sound the Alarm!

A pesky thief has stolen the Donuts from the Staff Room!!

He has hidden the Donuts throughout Storm Valley, and we need you to help us track them down!

Here is the Donuts you are looking for:

Jam Donut
Cream Donut
Chocolate Donut
Sprinkled Donut
Custard Donut
Glazed Donut

You must message Ezekiel with the locations of all the Donuts to win!
The first person to collect them all will win 1000 Donator Points, 1 million Gold and 40,000 gems! A monumental prize.

For second place, you will be awarded 800 DP and 30,000 gems!

Anyone who participates, even if you don't find them all, will earn 500 DPs!

Message Ezekiel with any questions, or with your submissions.
Please don't share the locations of the Donuts. No cheating. You have until 17th June.

Good Luck!

Sylvyr's Birthday
Snowy Sylvyr2019-05-03 03:31:15
It's coming. May 5th is this blue dragon's birthday and if you're not familiar with how I like to do things let me give you a heads up. Dragons love treasure, sure, and presents, but the best present of all is to be able to see all of you. So, give a shout, a hug, friendly wave, anything you want and this blue dragon is happy to get a present for you! Yep, giving gifts out on my birthday. That's not to say I don't like getting them too but make a reasonable request and you might find yourself with a present too. In addition if I happen to see you online you'll get a small portion of my hoard too.

St. Patricks Day Event
Snowy Sylvyr2019-03-12 22:20:56
St.Patricks Day is just around the corner!!
So here at Storm Valley we'd like to celebrate it with you!
The Boar Head's Inn are hosting a party, and everyone's invited!
Come to the Boar Head's Inn and enjoy the party, RPing your heart out.
Make sure to arrive in Gold, Purple or Green or even blue!!

There are prizes to be given just for participating! Can it get any better?!?

It sure can, because the player(s) who puts the most effort and time into the event will receive a special reward!

`-This event runs from Friday 15th March 10pm GMT time, until Friday 22nd March. That's one whole week!
(Staff may decide to extend this event if enough players desire to participate and it all goes well)

Please remember all site rules apply.

*Keep an eye out for brand new costumes in the costume shop!

Any questions can be directed to staff

Snowy Sylvyr2018-11-28 03:49:20
As in the servers, and chat and such. Yep, the valley is going to have one so stay tuned for details.

New Costumes
Be Mine Nexie2018-10-01 09:32:50
There have been some new costumes added to both shops in the Valley. And a few Halloween modules that have been activated.

Snowy Sylvyr2018-02-12 05:23:37
A time for love and friendship is here, and how do you plan on spending it this year? Hopefully with someone you care about, maybe with presents or nice food? Well we're throwing a valentines party here to make it extra special. Stop by this holiday and enjoy time with your friends here at Storm Valley

Halloween Spirit
Snowy Sylvyr2017-10-30 05:43:10
Are you all ready? Halloween is here and so are all the ghosts and goblins, not to mention the single most important part (at least in young minds) the CANDY! Trick or treat around the valley, see if you can get some goodies from a blue dragon, and don't forget to find a nice costume too. If you don't see one you like in any of the shops there's bound to be a tailor ready for special orders. Send a petition or a mail to the blue dragon or Nexie, they must know someone that can meet your costuming needs.

Create a Creature Contest Results
Snowy Sylvyr2017-08-13 01:49:08
I am extremely pleased to say that we have some incredibly creative and unique new monsters lurking in the forests (wait, why am I proud to have more threats to your lives? Oh yeah, because you all made them.)

Special credit goes to those who were nice enough to add color coding to their creature submissions.
Liam, though a few had too many characters and did need a touch of editing.
Sunflower, some lovely coloring as well.

Credit for some of the best submissions goes to Evy and DarknessFalls, one of you even made a submission I'm considering adding in as a mount or possible trainer.

Kalisiin and Nexie gave some great submissions as well, all six of you are going to be getting some sort of reward, feel free to mail me and ask about your rewards.

From A Friend
Snowy Sylvyr2017-08-10 00:53:02
Hello everyone! We wanted to let all of you know about a brand *NEW* RPGLINK site that just opened!


The realm of Silverwine is based off the ever popular game Skyrim. The dragon known as Alduin has returned to the land after being lost for a long time, his sole mission to destroy man and consume the world. Do you have what it takes to defeat him? We await you, Dragonborn.


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