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St. Patricks Day Event
Green Dragon Sylvyr2019-03-12 22:20:56
St.Patricks Day is just around the corner!!
So here at Storm Valley we'd like to celebrate it with you!
The Boar Head's Inn are hosting a party, and everyone's invited!
Come to the Boar Head's Inn and enjoy the party, RPing your heart out.
Make sure to arrive in Gold, Purple or Green or even blue!!

There are prizes to be given just for participating! Can it get any better?!?

It sure can, because the player(s) who puts the most effort and time into the event will receive a special reward!

`-This event runs from Friday 15th March 10pm GMT time, until Friday 22nd March. That's one whole week!
(Staff may decide to extend this event if enough players desire to participate and it all goes well)

Please remember all site rules apply.

*Keep an eye out for brand new costumes in the costume shop!

Any questions can be directed to staff

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