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~~~September Messages~~~
Snow Dragon Sylvyr2022-09-16 22:15:26
Courtesy of Brooklynn's Assistance:

*If any new members need a safe place to stay until they can afford a dwelling of their own feel free to message BrookLynn for a key to the Welcome Center.
*If you have any questions, concerns or technical difficulties please reach out to staff via the "petition for help" tab in the upper right corner. Please remember to be patient and kind staff will assist you as soon as they are able to.
*As we begin the fall season we are open to new event ideas, if you would like to get involved please message staff with the subject "events"

***Fact of The Month***
September is spelt with nine letters it is also the ninth month of the calendar year.

(Helpful Hint)
If you are low on turns head on over to the Boars Head Inn on Tavern Street and ask Cedric for a lemonade, they are rather energizing.

-Newest Members-
King Screaming Eagle

News for Thu, Oct 6, 2022
Nothing of note happened this day. All in all a boring day.
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