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Holiday Time
Snowy Sylvyr2022-12-20 05:17:18
No matter what you celebrate it's a time of year to look forward to well wishes and gifts. Around here Santa Claws loves to give gifts so if you make a little wish list and mail it to a certain blue helper I'm sure that Santa will do his best to get you what you want. Hope everyone has a wonderful time.

Snowy Sylvyr2022-10-11 21:28:53
**Fact of the Month**
The Angelo-Saxons called October "Winterfylleth" meaning Fullness of Winter


BrookLynn Oct 25
(anyone who would like their birthday mentioned please send a YoM to either Brook or Sylvyr with the month and day!)

--- Upcoming Evnts---

Fall Festival Starting Oct 17
Halloween Oct 31

~~~ Welcome~~~


Trick or Treat?! Check out some of the local shoppes, many of the cool items you will find there will have effects BUT be warned not all of them are treats!

~~~September Messages~~~
Snowy Sylvyr2022-09-16 22:15:26
Courtesy of Brooklynn's Assistance:

*If any new members need a safe place to stay until they can afford a dwelling of their own feel free to message BrookLynn for a key to the Welcome Center.
*If you have any questions, concerns or technical difficulties please reach out to staff via the "petition for help" tab in the upper right corner. Please remember to be patient and kind staff will assist you as soon as they are able to.
*As we begin the fall season we are open to new event ideas, if you would like to get involved please message staff with the subject "events"

***Fact of The Month***
September is spelt with nine letters it is also the ninth month of the calendar year.

(Helpful Hint)
If you are low on turns head on over to the Boars Head Inn on Tavern Street and ask Cedric for a lemonade, they are rather energizing.

-Newest Members-
King Screaming Eagle

Happy Holidays
Snowy Sylvyr2021-12-17 22:15:50
It's a special time of year dedicated to sharing, giving, caring, and showing how much you appreciate others. In honor of this special time of year if anyone has any holiday wishes feel free to send them to a big friendly dragon and you might be surprised at how generous he can be.

Down Time
Snowy Sylvyr2021-09-23 06:15:24
Sorry for the down time lately everyone, it's been server-based and a bit complicated but everything should be looking great now. If you have any issues let me know through petition or mail and I'll get right on it or, on the off chance it's beyond my abilities, get someone more skilled on it. Thanks.


Birthday Dragon
Snowy Sylvyr2021-05-02 22:03:38
Wow, I should make these more often. Anyway, hello everyone. For those of you who have been around for a while, you might know that this blue dragon has a birthday coming up on the 5th. And you might also know that I enjoy giving gifts just as much as getting them. So if you stop by the valley on or around the 5th of May feel free to make a request, and we'll see if it's within my power to grant it.

~~~ Halloween Spook-tackular ~~~
Snowy Sylvyr2020-10-16 23:33:58
~~~ Halloween Spook-tackular ~~~

we would like to formally invite all the ghouls and ghosts of Stormvalley to an evening of frights, fun and friendship! On October 31st! Take this chance to reach out and meet the other residents of our realm! Keep checking back for more updates :)

-costume contest-
Get creative with a new title and maybe even a new bio picture, the more creative you are the more you can win! Sylvyr will judge the contest and will choose the top 3!!!

Snowy Sylvyr2020-04-29 19:58:11
I apologize for not getting around to this at the beginning of the month as I probably should have. I'd like to extend best and happiest wishes to all who have had birthdays this month and please by all means send this dragon a message and I'm happy to find a nice shiny trinket or two in my trove for you. Considering my own birthday is just a few days away and that brings me to the next part of this.

May 5th: A Dragon Birthday. This dragon prefers to give gifts (though he certainly won't refuse any that are sent to him) so all you have to do is some time within a week or so of Sylvyr's Birthday send a request and I shall do my absolute best to succeed in granting it.

A Social Note For RL
Snowy Sylvyr2020-04-09 02:22:11
<<<< A quick RL message>>>>

As I am sure most you know there is currently a global pandemic a.k.a. Coronavirus/ Covid-19. We would like to take a moment to educate our members and provide a few helpline numbers to help during this stressful time

-Coronavirus Do?s & Don?ts-

~ self isolated if you are not feeling well
~wash your hands frequently for a minimum of 20 seconds with soap or use an alcohol based hand sanitizer
~avoid contact with individuals who are sick or have been exposed (1 meter/ 3 feet )
~cover all coughs and sneezes with tissue or your elbow

Do Not
~gather in large groups
~ touch your eye, nose or mouth with unclean hands
~ go to work, school or social gatherings if you are sick or have been expose

+++Help Lines+++

Suicide: 1-800-273-8255

Domestic Violence: 1-800-799-7233

Substance Abuse & Mental Health: 1-800-662-4357

Remember Staying Home Saves Lives! We love you, stay safe!

New Costumes
Nexie2019-12-06 10:35:48
Some holiday costumes have been added to the costume shops!

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