• Legend of the Green Dragon FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions on Color Codes.

Storm Valley Color Codes and other Text Codes

1 Dark Blue
! Indigo
2 Green
@ Bright Green
3 Teal
# Bright Blue
4 Red
$ Bright Red
5 Purple
% Fuschia
6 Gold
^ Yellow
7 Grey
& White
) Dark Grey
q Brown
Q Orange
e Umbar
E Light Umber
e Umber
R Pink
t Tan
T Dark Umber
y Khaki
Y Dark Khaki
p Peach
P Dark Peach
g Light Green
j Light Grey
J Dark Blue
k Light Teal
K Olive
l Blue
L Light Blue
x Cream
X Off White
v Light Lavender
V Lavender
m Light Sand
M Sand

b Bold
i Italic
c Center

n Enter

Please Note: The bold, italic, and center text codes need to be at both the beginning and the end of the text you want them to apply to.
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