• Legend of the Green Dragon FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions on Significant Dragon Kills.

0: Players who have just arrived are allowed to petition in for a colored name if they like. In the stables they will fine a Baby Dragon, Pony, Gelding, or Neko to choose from.

1: At 1 Dragon Kill players will find a Stallion, Draft Horse, Werewolf, or Naga to choose from at the stables.

5: At 5 DKs a Kelpie, Teumessian Fox, Cretan Bull, Two-Headed Dog, and Buckskin Unicorn can be found in the stables.

10: At 10 DKs a Tigecorn, Erymanthian Boar, Crocotta, and Kitsune can be found in the stables.

15: At 15 Dks a Nemean Lion, Bashe, and Pegasus can be found in the stables.

20: At 20 DKs a Black Unicorn and a Baku can be found in the stables.

25: At 25 DKs a Griffin and a Silver Unicorn can be found in the stables.

31: At 31 DKs a player has reached Godhood and will be allowed into Arcadia. They will find a Water Pegasus, Chimera, and Cerberus in the stables.

40: At 40 DKs a player is allowed to choose their very own custom title (which they're allowed to change at any time within reason: 1 title change per month). They will find a Quinotaur, Warg, and Hydra in the stables.

50: At 50 DKs a Fire Drake and Ice Drake will be available in the stables.

75: At 75 DKs a Citrine Dragon, Rainbow Unicorn, and Rainbow Pegasus can be found within the stables.

100: At 100 DKs a Basilisk, Lunar Pegasus, and Amaranthine Dragon can be found in the stables.

150: At 150 DKs a Cerulean Dragon and a Pegacorn can be found in the stables.

200: At 200 DKs a Carnelian Dragon and a Wyvern can be found in the stables.

250: At 250 DKs an Opal Dragon and a Kludde can be purchased at the stables.

300: At 300 DKs an Ebony Dragon and a Hippogriff can be purchased at the stables.

400: At 400 DKs a Rainbow Dragon and a Sphinx can be purchased at the stables.

500: At 500 DKs a player has earned the privilege of becoming a master at Blusprings. They will also find a Celestial Dragon and an Emerald Dragon at the stables.

1000: When a player reaches the incredible feat of 1000 Dragon Kills they will be allowed to choose a custom mount at no cost. They must petition in the mount they want and some information on the creature if they want to receive one.
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