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Warriors of the realm (Page 6: 251-300 of 462)
AliveLevelNameLocationRaceSexLast On
Unconscious 3 Gladiatrix Kalaya Storm Valley Dark Felyne Female 3299 days
Unconscious 3 Page PadFoot The Boar's Head Inn Dragon Rider Male 4345 days
No 3 Page Peanuts Storm Valley Dragon Rider Male 4124 days
Unconscious 3 Page smoke Storm Valley Lizardman Male 3752 days
Unconscious 3 Farmgirl abysteel Storm Valley DarkElf Female 3446 days
Yes 3 Maestro Amerei Storm Valley DarkElf Female 1262 days
No 3 Farmgirl anna Storm Valley Lizardman Female 3597 days
Yes 3 Farmboy Bisaiden Storm Valley Human Male 1694 days
Yes 3 Farmgirl Dawn Storm Valley Mermaid Female 3834 days
Yes 3 Farmboy drake The Boar's Head Inn Dragon Rider Male 4081 days
No 3 Farmboy Greenbark Storm Valley Dragon Rider Male 1570 days
Yes 3 Farmboy Jack Parrot Storm Valley Dragon Rider Male 3482 days
Yes 3 Farmboy Justapilgrim Storm Valley Dwarf Male 2419 days
Unconscious 3 Farmboy Kelborn Storm Valley DarkElf Male 2835 days
No 3 Farmgirl Kylee Storm Valley Elf Female 2754 days
Yes 3 Farmboy MadHatter Storm Valley Lizardman Male 4494 days
No 3 Farmgirl proudmomodaiden Storm Valley Dragon Rider Female 4339 days
Yes 3 Farmboy Ren kii Storm Valley DarkElf Male 3743 days
Yes 3 Farmboy Rigor Mortis Storm Valley Human Male 2566 days
Yes 3 Farmgirl Selenia Storm Valley Elf Female 3195 days
Yes 3 Farmgirl Stefany Storm Valley DarkElf Female 3541 days
No 3 Farmboy stirlock Storm Valley Human Male 3817 days
Yes 3 Farmboy SwordSlasher Storm Valley Human Male 2086 days
Yes 3 Farmboy Triduba Storm Valley Human Male 168 days
Yes 2 Shadow Walker Orphius Estate Housing Dragon Rider Male 150 days
Unconscious 2 Riptide Caralee Storm Valley Dark Felyne Male 2236 days
Unconscious 2 Squire David_Bernz Storm Valley Human Male 1964 days
Yes 2 Squire Hinnoron Estate Housing Elf Male 4004 days
Yes 2 Squire indi Estate Housing Dragon Rider Female 2872 days
No 2 Squire Magoo Storm Valley Human Male 3422 days
No 2 Page Markuz Storm Valley DarkElf Male 234 days
Unconscious 2 Page Michael Storm Valley DarkElf Male 325 days
Yes 2 Farmgirl adien Storm Valley Dragon Rider Female 311 days
No 2 Farmgirl Aurora Rose Storm Valley DarkElf Female 986 days
Yes 2 Farmgirl Charlotte The Boar's Head Inn Dragon Rider Female 3567 days
Unconscious 2 Farmgirl Chloe Storm Valley Elf Female 4315 days
Yes 2 Farmgirl Circe Storm Valley Human Female 3810 days
Yes 2 Farmboy Denton Storm Valley Human Male 2561 days
Yes 2 Farmboy Dylan Storm Valley Elf Male 1922 days
Yes 2 Farmboy elriea Storm Valley Dragon Rider Male 2250 days
Unconscious 2 Pirate Garmadon Storm Valley Dragon Rider Male 2806 days
Yes 2 Farmgirl GinnyJackson Storm Valley Dragon Rider Female 3706 days
Yes 2 Farmboy Goten Storm Valley Dragon Rider Male 4429 days
Yes 2 Farmboy Hellsdrakhan Storm Valley Lizardman Male 4492 days
Yes 2 Farmboy Janis Storm Valley Dragon Rider Male 3894 days
Unconscious 2 Farmboy jubei Storm Valley Human Male 3763 days
Unconscious 2 Farmboy listed Storm Valley Dragon Rider Male 3606 days
No 2 Blood-Thirsty Narcisa Storm Valley Dragon Rider Female 3520 days
Unconscious 2 Farmboy Noctis Storm Valley Elf Male 2013 days
Yes 2 Farmboy Nynex Storm Valley Dragon Rider Male 3224 days
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