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Module NameVersionModule AuthorDownload Location
*RPGLink* :
Keyring 1.2 HunterD Not publically released.
Administrative :
Admin Functions from Bio 0.21 Chris Vorndran Download
Allprefs Editor 1.0b DaveS, modified by MarcTheSlayer Not publically released.
Alternate Character Listing 1.2 Chris Vorndran; Fixed by JollyGG Download
Banner Exchange 0.0.4 MarcTheSlayer, ideas from JT Traub, Rolland Download
Check Superuser Flags 1.01 Chris Vorndran Download
Code String Search 0.0.6 MarcTheSlayer, based on Lonny Luberts codesearch module. Download
Developers No Timeout Window 0.0.4 MarcTheSlayer for JollyGG, fixed by JollyGG to fix Translator Tool issues Download
Faq Addon 1.41 Billie Kennedy Download
Forest Preferences 1.1 Thanatos Not publically released.
Fund Drive Indicator 1.1 Eric Stevens Core Distribution
Grotto Logout 0.0.3 MarcTheSlayer Download
In-game tutor 1.0 Booger & Shannon Brown & JT Traub Core Distribution
Letter opener 20130611 Sixf00t4 With Edits by JollyGG Download
Mass Email 1.0 Shane, for Arabelle Not publically released.
Mute Moderation 1.1 Sneakabout Core Distribution
Newbie Start Build 1.00 Middleclaw Not publically released.
Player's Real Life Age 3.2 Stephen Kise, additions by HunterD Contact Admin for Release
Staff List 1.2 Red Yates, little addition by Haku Core Distribution
Staff MotD/To-Do List 0.21 Chris Vorndran Download
Superuser Forum 3.0.0 Lonny Luberts
Modified by Danilo Stern-Sapad
, rewritten by MarcTheSlayer
Toggle Superuser Flags 1.1 KaosKaizer Not publically released.
View Superusers 1.1 Daniel Parson Not publically released.
Alley :
Abandoned House 1.0 Spider Download
Eva's House 1.2 Spider Download
Myrrdin's House 1.1 Spider Download
Nerwen's House 1.1 Spider Download
Raimus' Aide 1.1 Spider Download
Amusement Park :
Amusement Park 1.12 Kalazaar modularized by sixf00t4, debugged by DaveS Download
Amusement Park Prize Stall 1.4 Kalazaar, Tweaks by DaveS Download
Archery 1.12 Kalazaar, Tweaks by DaveS Download
Broomstick Ride 1.12 Kalazaar, Tweaks by DaveS Download
Cotton Candy 1.13 Kalazaar, Tweaks by DaveS Download
Dragon Ride 1.13 Kalazaar, Tweaks by DaveS Download
Drinks Booth 1.13 Kalazaar, Tweaks by Vanessa and DaveS Download
DropZone 1.12 Kalazaar, Tweaks by DaveS Download
Dunk Em 1.22 Kalazaar, Tweaks by DaveS Download
Pie Throwing Stall 1.12 Kalazaar, Tweaks by DaveS Download
Popcorn 1.11 Kalazaar, with text edits by Vanessa, Tweaks by DaveS Download
Test Your Strength 1.13 Kalazaar, Tweaks by DaveS Download
The Tent 1.11 Kalazaar, Tweaks by DaveS Download
Tunnel of Love 1.12 Kalazaar, Tweaks by DaveS Download
Whack a Dragon 1.11 Kalazaar from an idea by Amon, Tweaks by DaveS Download
Bank :
Bank Modification 1.1 Spider
Contributions by Hex
Clan :
Clan Automatic DK Rewards 1.1.2 Nicholas Moline Download
Clan Barracks 1.3 CortalUX Download
Clan Buffs 2.1 Aelia Download
Clan Bulletins 1.51 Chris Vorndran Download
Clan Forge 1.3 Kalazaar Download
Clan Options 1.5 CortalUX Download
Clan Ranks 1.01 Oliver Brendel Download
Clan Turn Training 1.00 Tristan Lueking (original concept), modifications by Lightbringer, Akuma, Kody Sumter and Sloth Download
Clan Vault for gems and gold 2.00 Damien, and CortalUX; with modifications by Lonnyl, RPGSL and RPGee.com Download
Internal Clan Description 1.0 Chris Vorndran Download
Vessa's Clan Gem Shop 9.3 CortalUX, based upon 'vessa' by Reznarth. Download
Commentary :
AJAX Commentary 1.21h Nicholas Moline, Petko Bossakov, add'l features by HunterD Download
Chat Top Nav Links 1.2 Programmer16/JollyGG,bug help from Edward de Wilde, Boris, and Afkamm, fix for chatyompetlinks by Anharat, accessibility fix by HunterD Not publically released.
Darkhorse Game :
Dice Game for DarkHorse 1.1 Eric Stevens Core Distribution
Five Sixes Dice Game 1.7 Talisman Core Distribution
Stones Game for DarkHorse 1.1 Eric Stevens Core Distribution
Dragonkill :
Keep Favor 1.1 Jigain To'lerean Download
Keep Money 1.0 Christian Rutsch Not publically released.
Dwellings :
Castle Dwellings 20060210 Sixf00t4 Download
Dwelling Editor 20060109 Sixf00t4 Download
Dwellings Antiplunder 1.0 Oliver Brendel Download
Dwellings Core 20071026 Sixf00t4, Christian Rutsch, Chris Vorndran, Talisman, Oliver Brendel Download
Dwellings Cost Copper 5.01 Sixf00t4, Modified by DaveS Not publically released.
Dwellings Cost Iron 5.01 Sixf00t4, Modified by DaveS Not publically released.
Dwellings Cost Mithril 5.01 Sixf00t4, Modified by DaveS Not publically released.
Dwellings Cost Stone 5.01 Sixf00t4, DaveS Upgrade Not publically released.
Dwellings Cost Wood 5.01 Sixf00t4, DaveS Upgrade Download
Farmhouse Dwellings 20060120 Sixf00t4 Download
Furniture Store 5.06 DaveS Not publically released.
Shacks as dwellings 20060120 Sixf00t4 Download
Equipment Shop :
Equipment Shop 3.813 Eth, enhanced by White Knight Download
Forest :
Door Arena 1.1 Horlix Download
Forst Modification inspired by XChrisX for 1.1.1 DP Version 1.0 Oliver Brendel Download
Gnomish Outhouse 2.0 John Collins Core Distribution
Instant Banking 0.9 Kevin Hatfield - Arune Download
Keep Track of Monster Kills 20070207 Sixf00t4 Download
Ocean Quest 5.25 DaveS Download
Penguin Overlord 1.02 Chris Vorndran Download
Forest Specials :
Alignment Events 3.12 CortalUX, modified by DaveS and Selenity Hyperion Download
Altar 2.4 Unknown;
Converted for vers. 1.x.x
and modified by ShadowRaven
Bee Hive 1.2 Robert Download
Bluff Fight 0.9 Keith, debugged by DaveS Not publically released.
Bluspring's Encounter 1.0 Chris Vorndran Download
Brothers in Arms 1.1 Chris Vorndran Download
Butter Cup 1.2 Robert Download
Damsel In Distress 1.1 Joe Naylor and Matt Clift Core Distribution
Dark Horse Tavern 1.1 Eric Stevens Core Distribution
Deck of Many Things 5.2 DaveS Download
Dragon Tracks 1.1 Robert Download
Druid 1.62 Strider and Talisman
of Legendgard / Dragonprime
Core Distribution
Dwarf Pak 2.0 Robert Download
Ero Sennin - The Perverted Hermit 1.02 Oliver Brendel Download
Find Gems 1.1 Eric Stevens Core Distribution
Find Gems II 2.0 Robert
updated version of Eric Stevens Findgem
Find Gold 1.1 Eric Stevens Core Distribution
Find Gold III 1.0 Robert
based on Eric Stevens Findgold
Find Lodge Points 1.0 umk, based on Find Gold by Eric Stevens Download
Foilwench 1.1 Eric Stevens Core Distribution
Forest Goat 1.2 Robert Download
Fruit Tree 1.2 Robert Download
Gold Mine 1.0 Ville Valtokari Core Distribution
Grassy Field 1.1 Sean McKillion
modified by Eric Stevens & JT Traub
Core Distribution
Grave Digger 1.1 Robert Download
Lonestrider's Band 1.8 Shawn Strider Core Distribution
Magic Clown Chest 1.0 Chris Vorndran Download
Masked Bandit 1.1 Robert Download
Pool of Water 1.0 Robert Download
Prancing Ninny 0.8 Steve McCorry Download
Random Events 1.1 Robert Download
Realm Flavor 1.1 Robert Download
Spelling Bee 3.12 DaveS Download
Strigoi Tower 3.06 DaveS, HoF by Arieswind Download
Sudden Storm 1.1 Robert Download
the Flower 1.1 Robert Download
Thunder Storm 1.1 Robert Download
Travelers 1.2 Robert - Converted by: Arune Download
Village Idiot Pak 2.1 Robert Download
Violet Pond 1.0 Robert Download
Waterfall 1.1 Kevin Kilgore with help from Jake Taft Core Distribution
Gardens :
Frog Pond 1.2 Robert Download
Garden Bench 1.2 Robert Download
Garden Party 1.0 Eric Stevens Core Distribution
Garden Pond 1.09 Jake Taft (Zanzaras) - Based on Shawn Strider's Lily Pond Download
Gardener 1.0 Shannon Brown Core Distribution
Lily Pond 1.0 Shawn Strider
Converted by:
Chris Vorndran
Tale Teller 1.0 Robert Download
the Tablet 1.2 Robert Download
Topiary 1.2 Robert Download
Wooden Horse 1.1 Robert Download
General :
Additional Bioinfos 1.1 Oliver Brendel, modified by MarcTheSlayer for Contessa Download
Avatar Upload 1.41 Nicolas Härter Not publically released.
Calendar 1.0 JT Traub Core Distribution
Chains from the Shades 1.0 Gary Hartzell Not publically released.
City Preferences Addon 20070417 Sixf00t4 Download
Default Commentary Color Selection 1.11 Joshua Ecklund Download
Dragonkill Sum Display 1.0 Chris Vorndran
Idea by: Robert
Estates Refund 1.0 Chris Vorndran Not publically released.
Game Day Accumulation 1.5 Exxar, fixes by SexyCook Download
Highlight 1.0 Curtis Trimpton Not publically released.
Links 1.1 Inach edited by Jxyt Not publically released.
Moons 1.0 JT Traub Core Distribution
Most Recent Accounts 0.1 Chris Vorndran Download
NPC Chat 0.31 Danny Moules (Rushyo) Download
Time Played Counter 1.0 Eric Stevens Core Distribution
Weather 2.5 Talisman Core Distribution
General Q-Z :
Snowing Pages 1.0 Shane Not publically released.
Graveyard :
Brimstone Cave 1.1 Robert/Talisman Download
Casper RPS 1.1 Robert Download
Consolation Prize 0.1 dying Download
Graveyard Specials :
Dead Cat 1.4 Robert Download
Dieing Warrior 1.2 Robert Download
Scavenger 1.25 Copied and Pasted by Sneakabout Core Distribution
Holiday :
The Twelve Days of Christmas 1.0 Minato Not publically released.
House System :
House System 2.0 Kujaku - Chris Vorndran
Updates by: Kevin Hatfield/Arune & Lonny Luberts
Inn :
Additional Inn Chat topics 1.0 JT Traub (as a demo for Anpera) Core Distribution
Breakin Module 1.1 Shannon Brown Core Distribution
Cedrik's Potion Shop 2.6 Eric Stevens
Modifications by: Chris Vorndran
Core Distribution
Christmas Stocking 1.3 Talisman and Robert Core Distribution
Dag Durnick Bounties 1.3 Darrel Morrone
Updates by Andrew Senger, JT Traub, and Eric Stevens
Core Distribution
Exotic Drinks 1.1 John J. Collins
Heavily modified by JT Traub
Core Distribution
Inn Backdoor 1.2 Robert Download
Seth the Bard's Songs 1.1 Eric Stevens Core Distribution
Violet and Seth Lovers 1.0 Eric Stevens Core Distribution
Inn Specials :
Crying Lady 1.0 Shannon Brown Core Distribution
Drunkard 1.0 JT Traub
w/ mods suggested by Jason Still
Core Distribution
Library :
The Library 2.75 Chris Vorndran
Original Idea:
Lodge :
Amulet of Ru 1.02 Enhas, based on racestorm by Chris Vorndran Download
Chronos Gem 1.01 Enhas, based on racestorm by Chris Vorndran Download
Delete Commentary 1.2 Seekey based on an idea by Feyaria Not publically released.
Dragon points reset 1.0 ShadowRaven Download
Extra Forest Fights 1.0 Eric Stevens Core Distribution
Fairy Dust 1.0 Copied and Pasted by Sneakabout, requested by the JCP. Core Distribution
Inn Coupons 1.0 Eric Stevens Core Distribution
Name Color Change 1.2 Billie Kennedy Download
Named Mounts 1.0 Eric Stevens Core Distribution
Newday Button 1.2 Inach, bug fix by MarcTheSlayer Download
Points Transfer 1.1 Red Yates Core Distribution
Revival Potion 1.0 Shannon Brown Download
Title Change 1.1 JT Traub Core Distribution
Made By Night :
Cookie Jar 3.9 Night Download
Magoos Modules :
The Forge Dude 2.0 Magoo Contact Admin for Release
Mail :
Friend List 2.2 CortalUX Download
Outbox 1.01 Oliver Brendel who used mainly mail.php Download
Marriage :
Marriage Expanded 5.21 CortalUX, Oliver Brendel, expanded by DaveS Download
Marriage Flirt Items 5.0 CortalUX, overhaul: Oliver Brendel, Expanded by DaveS Download
Materials :
Material Store 5.01 DaveS, idea by Kalisiin Not publically released.
Metal Mine 5.32 DaveS and MaryAnn Download
The Lumber Yard 5.23 DaveS, help from Chris Vorndran Download
The Quarry 5.27 DaveS Download
Pets :
Fairy Dragon 1.3 Eth Download
Pet Shop 3.81 Eth Download
Potions :
Dart Potions 1.82 CortalUX, DaveS Modifications Download
Death Door Potions 1.33 CortalUX, DaveS Modifications Download
Notion Potions 1.01 CortalUX, DaveS Modifications Download
Portable Potions 1.54 Lonny Luberts Download
The Potion Shop 1.0 CortalUX Download
PQcomp :
The Cell 2.1 Lonny Luberts Download
Village News 1.05 Lonny Luberts, modified by Oliver Brendel
tlschema set at news for better translating
Who's Here 1.79 Lonny Luberts- updated by sixf00t4 Download
PVP Immunity 1.0 JT Traub Core Distribution
Quest :
Bandits Quest 1.0 Sneakabout Core Distribution
Dags Quests 1.1 Sneakabout Core Distribution
Manticore Quest 1.0 Sneakabout Core Distribution
Minotaur Quest 1.0 Sneakabout Core Distribution
roc Quest 1.0 Kristen FoxSneakabout Not publically released.
Races :
Race - Amazon 1.1 Chris Vorndran Download
Race - Barbarian 1.1 Chris Vorndran Download
Race - Dark Elf 1.3 Kevin Hatfield Download
Race - Dark Felyne 1.0 Akutozo, Based off Shannon Brown's Felyne Download
Race - Draconus 1.1 Lightbringer Download
Race - Dragon Rider 1.0 Rolland - based on Samurai by Harry Balzitch Download
Race - Dragoon 1.2 DaFish Download
Race - Dwarf 1.1 Eric Stevens Core Distribution
Race - Elf 1.0 Eric Stevens Core Distribution
Race - Human 1.0 Eric Stevens Core Distribution
Race - Lizardman 1.01 Jonathan Newton Download
Race - Mermaid 1.1 Adam Churchill Download
Race - Troll 1.0 Eric Stevens Core Distribution
Rule Modules :
Site Rules 1.4 Christopher King Download
Shades :
GraveStones 1.0 ShadowRaven Download
GraveStones - Haunted House 1.0 ShadowRaven - Edited by KainStrider Download
Specialties :
Specialty - Arcane Runes 1.01 Chris Vorndran Download
Specialty - Arcanist Skills 1.1 Lightbringer
Modified by Enderandrew
Specialty - Bard 1.11 Enderandrew Download
Specialty - Beast Calling 1.01 Chris Vorndran Download
Specialty - Castellan 1.01 Kalazaar Download
Specialty - Dark Arts 1.1 Eric Stevens Core Distribution
Specialty - Merchant Skills 1.41 Tizen Download
Specialty - Mystical Powers 1.0 Eric Stevens Core Distribution
Specialty - Seductive Skills 1.32 Enderandrew
based upon
Lonny Luberts Based on Theivery Skills
Info Based on Sixf00t4's 9.7 Specialties Mod
Specialty - Summoner 1.0 Admin Lexington Contact Admin for Release
Specialty - Swordsman 1.40 Tizen Download
Specialty - Tactics 1.31 Rewritten by Enderandrew
original by
Lonny Luberts
based on work by Sixf00t4
Specialty - Thieving Skills 1.0 Eric Stevens Core Distribution
Specialty - Vengeance 1.0 Alan Thomson Download
Specialty - White Knight 1.0 Admin Lexington, Alignment Ready Fixed by Zelion Not publically released.
Stat Display :
Alignment Core 1.82 Chris Vorndran
Original Script by: WebPixie
Experience Bar 1.0 JT Traub
based on idea by Dan Van Dyke
Modified by Talisman
Live New Day Timer 1.4 Programmer16, with creative influence from Nicholas Moline, based off of New Day Bar by Joshua Ecklund Download
Travel :
Caravan Module 1.2 Shannon Brown Core Distribution
Travel Specials :
Troll Bridge 1.0 Sneakabout Core Distribution
Village :
Amleine's Music Shop 5.23 DaveS, HoF idea by Arieswind Download
Angul's Alchemy 1.3 Chris Vorndran Download
Arcadia Village 2.1 Dhampir Kampf Download
Beggars Lane 1.0 Oliver Brendel Download
Community Brothel 1.5 Kallell (Phofire)
Converted by Chris Vorndran
Costume Shop + Commentary and Favor 1.65 Booger with commentary and favor additions by KainStrider and A`4t`4u`0 Download
Costume Shop No. 2 1.4 Booger
(modified by Oliver Brendel from
the original costumeshop.php
as a second shop)
Contact Admin for Release
Deimos' Haberdashery 2.6 Red Yates Core Distribution
Dycedarg's Academy 1.31 Chris Vorndran
Idea by: Michael Caternolo
Changes by: Aelia
Ella's Dance Studio 1.01 Shannon Brown Core Distribution
Far East Marvels 1.2 Robert Download
Fruit Orchard 2.0 Spider, Billie Kennedy
Modified by
Lonny Luberts
Jobs: Even More 1.04 Lonny Luberts and Hex,Even More by DaveS Not publically released.
Long Beach 1.1 Billie Kennedy Download
Petra the Tattoo Artist 1.31 Shannon Brown and dying
Custom Tats added by
Lonny Luberts
Core Distribution
Recent Players List 1.2 Joshua Ecklund Download
The Dark Alley 1.2 Spider Download
The Gauntlet 1.1 Red Yates Core Distribution
The Kissing Booth 1.1 Chris Murray Core Distribution
The Old Church 1.01 Sneakabout Core Distribution
The Old House 1.0 Shannon Brown Core Distribution
The Tucker Prince 1.1 Shannon Brown
based on code by Markus Wienhoefer
Core Distribution
Throw Produce 1.1 Eth Download
Town Fountain 1.1 Eth Download
Velle's Flower Shop 1.1 Velle,based on code by Chris Vorndran with additions by seekey Download
Vessa's Gem Shop 8.1 Reznarth + Changes by Stark Download
Village Statue 1.0 Eric Stevens Core Distribution
Village Stocks 1.0 Eric Stevens Core Distribution
Villager's Hut 1.1 Shannon Brown Core Distribution
Wrongful Wraiths 1.2 Robert Download
Village Specials :
Sentry Duty 1.4 Robert Download
The Little Old Lady 1.0 Eth Download
Village Klutz 1.0 Shannon Brown Core Distribution
Village Shell Giver 1.0 Shannon Brown Core Distribution
Creative Commons License This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.
Game Design and Code: Copyright © 2002-2005, Eric Stevens & JT Traub, © 2006-2007, Dragonprime Development Team
Design: Jade Template © Josh Canning 2004 of HFS
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